8 trouble-free tips & tricks for Smartphone photography

A Smartphone’s camera might not be as first-rate as the dedicated Point and shoot cameras or the professional ones which can manage their sensor sizes & can produce exceptional low light photography effects.

The flagship mobiles like Apple’s IPhoneX, Google’s Pixel or Samsung Galaxy all have top notch cameras in their respective models. So things cannot go wrong there but despite this, there are many camera phones that have gone at the forefront for providing overall good photography.

We give you top 8 easy tips and tricks which can be of assistance for you to attain professional camera like photos on your relevant Smartphone.

Tip#1 – Invest in a good camera Phone –

This is obvious as you can’t rely on other technology or gadgets if your basic camera is primitive & fails to take good pictures so it’s best to invest on some good smart phone with equally good camera. There are some flagship devices which have proven good photography results throughout. In other words, give priority to camera while purchasing a new Smartphone.

Tip#2 – Use lights wherever possible –

Sensors of Smartphone are very small which means less light entering the camera. So always use good light while taking photos. Don’t rely on LED flashing as it’s not that powerful. Instead always have some background light so open windows when indoors. Let your sensor shine. E

Tip#3 – Maintain the right exposure – It’s not wrong to call Smartphone as the modern day point & shooters. So as a basic photography tip, you can set your exposure (light exposure/brightness levels) as per needs. Heavily lighted images are useful for instagrammers while darker ones for serious portraits. The feature is not necessarily called as the exposure (like in I-phone it is shown by sun like sign across the bottom) so find it out and tune for proper Exposure adjustment as per needs.

Tip#4 – Know your camera’s miscellaneous features –

This is very important as many people don’t even know the basic camera features provided in their Smartphone, like the I-Phone users can simply switch on the Live Photos mode to take a mix of image and video or dynamic photography. Some headsets also boasts highly slow motioned videos so look what features you all could have.

Tip#5 – Add-on lens can change the game –

Dual lens, triple lens & counting more have been normal additions in the recent times. But one can always purchase an extra one of good quality for no compromise photographs. Try to go with trusted companies like Moment or Olloclip. There are many lenses and choose carefully as per needs whether you need a ultra-wide ones like telephoto/fish-eye lens or the macros.

Tip#6 – Use the Grid feature – Grid is being added actively as a feature where your phone’s display shows some square or rectangular grids as per phone’s model. The grid helps to adjust photograph horizons & to have upright vertical photographs as a result.

Tip#7 – Gimbal, an effective Weapon –

The higher flagships mobile comes with OIS or EIS (Optical Image Stabilization / Electrical Image Stabilization) that help stabilize your videos. But not every model has them and still we recommend a Gimbal especially for 4K capable video recording devices. The result will be totally smooth video ready for upload.

Tip#8 – Learn to use focus – Remember that even without relying on any Macro additional, a Smartphone camera can focus pretty closer to the thing being photographed. Remember to keep whole frame in focus. What’s more interesting is that it is tough to do this level focusing with big camera which normally shoots at f/1.4 or f/1.2 apertures.

So invest in a good camera phone & follow the above mentioned tips & tricks to get professional photographs & buttery smooth, great looking Video sessions.
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