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Parents always want the best for their children, no matter if it’s their lifestyle or education. And here we would like to emphasize education because it is one of the most important aspects of anybody’s life and the learning starts from the very young age as it is the best time to introduce your kids to the world of education where they can learn a thing or two on their initial days and gradually starts to build their knowledge with time. With an endless number of educational websites and apps running on the internet for preschoolers, figuring out the best one for your kids can be a difficult task to do. But you need not worry anymore as we have found out the best educational website on the market,, which is an early learning academy for children ages 2-8. It is a subscription-based website created by a group of educators. The academy provides a full online curriculum for kids in pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary schools.

The academy offers comprehensive educational programs for kids of young age, but it is not an accredited school. For all those parents who are looking to home school their children or just looking for additional learning resource for the kids can easily find this academy very useful. Kids can get bored of all those learnings very easily, however, ABCmouse makes sure that no kid feels bored and it actually makes learning a lot more fun for the kids, which is a great way to improve your kid’s skills.

How does it work?

When you register your kid on the website, the first thing it will ask from your child is to create an avatar that represents him/her. And after doing that, he/she will again be asked to create a teachers for the classroom and once he/she is happy with the way both of them look, you can move ahead with the process. Based on the age of your kid and academic ability, you will then be asked to choose the learning path you want your kid to sign up for.
You can access the website on the computer, tablets, and smartphones and while the academy doesn’t commit to anything but they do claim to provide real results. More than 9,000 activities are a part of this academy that are meant for kids of ages between 2-8. The activities include animations, games, books, songs, puzzles, art, and printables. These activities prompt reading skills, problem-solving skills, motor skills, critical thinking skills, and much more.

Step by Step learning

When you first access the website, the number of learning options present there can overwhelm you a bit. But this can be made easier if you are well aware of your kid’s academic ability and needs. provides 10 levels of learning paths with more than 850 lessons that are designed very carefully. After the completion of each lesson, your kid will progress to another one and the chain will continue until the whole program is completed. This helps to keep your children motivated to learn something new every day.

Subjects offered

Reading and language arts
The reading curriculum typically includes letter recognition (upper case and lower case), phonics, rhyming words, and word families, reading books (stories), sentence structure, and parts of speech. From teaching the names of each letter to the sounds they represent, covers every little thing and takes your kid from beginner reader to an advanced one in no time.

The curriculum includes place value, the base ten system, addition and subtraction, recognizing and counting numbers from 1-120, recognizing shapes, patterns, and measurements, etc.
The world around us (science and social studies)
In this, the kids are taught about health and body, plants and animals, weather, climate and seasons, solar system, maps, and much more. This helps the kids to enhance their knowledge about the world around them and the place they live in.

Arts and colors
This is one of the most fun and exciting subject for most kids. The curriculum includes primary and secondary colors, shades of colors, paint by number activities, and number and letter dot-to-dots. This subject promotes creativity and lets your kids learn about different shapes and colors.

Additional features

Besides a huge number of learning programs available in the academy, also offers additional features that are worth checking out. This includes progress tracking, tickets and rewards, customizable avatar, interactive zoo, aquarium, and interactive arm. Progress tracking allows you to see how much progress your child has made throughout the learning. It is represented in the form of a graph that tells you about the number of learning activities your kid has completed.

They also keep the kids encouraged by rewarding them with tickets which they can use to purchase items virtually such as fisherman for the class.

Pricing is currently offering a 30-day free trial to all the users but they will ask you to enter the payment information. After taking the trial, you can decide whether you want to continue with the learning academy or not. If you don’t wish to continue using them, don’t forget to cancel your membership or subscription. You can register yourself on the website for $9.95/per month.

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