Adventure Academy: Unfastens You To An Interactive Learning

If you feel your child is running away from studies or lack motivation towards studies it’s time for you to make their learning exciting and interactive. Children are agile and find studies to be a bit impenetrable for their age. So, it’s really important for you being a parent to establish a friendly relation between your child and their studies.

Academic studies are basically inclined more towards rotted and quaint teaching practices focusing more on text books which is quite dull for the Generation Z. So, what’s the solution? Well, making studies a profound engagement for your child could only be possible if you make it a fun thing where they are learning without even realising! Thanks to Adventure Academy, the educational MMO program which has made learning exciting and interactive for children of the age group of 8-13, which we guess is the fundamental age for building a strong academic foundation. The online learning program has learning games and videos focusing on academic subjects like math, language, arts, science, and social studies. So, if your child is afraid of maths or finds science tedious, Adventure Academy is your one-stop destination. Making studies a fun is when you turn it into a game, and that’s what is the central idea behind this online learning program “to gamify your child’s studies”.

We got a peek at Adventure Academy and here is what we found for you.

What Parents Need To Know?

We are pretty much sure you’ll be bewildered with a lot of questions? What’s this Adventure Academy is all about? How to subscribe to their services? What’s the cost? And so on. Its’ quite obvious to have such questions. So, here is what parents need to know about this fun and exciting learning program.

Initially when you subscribe to Adventure Academy it offers you 30- days free trail so that you could be sure before making the purchase. After the 30-day free trial, you have to pay $9.99/month or to say 79.99/year. Which makes it’s quite an affordable learning app for your child. And it’s free to download the app and is available both on Android and ios software.
It’s really easy to operate the app. Once you download the app all you have to do is create an account with your email address and password. Also, you need to provide a few basic details of your child such as name, birth month and year, user name, and gender. And in no time flat here, you get your child enrolled to a virtual school where he/she gets unique avatar and your child engages with a whole different experience of learning while interacting with other players and competing thus building strong competitive skills. And you know what’s the best part is you can even select the difficulty level to which you want to introduce your child with.

App’s Performance

The app’s performance is really remarkable. Whether you’re working from phone, tab, or PC it never freezes and offers smooth working. With no hustle in operating the app, it offers a pure learning experience. It becomes very painful for the parents when the app just behaves absurd and the whole learning experience becomes annoying. But, it’s not something you have to face with Adventure Academy. It’s free to download so no long waiting for downloads, it’s easy to operate so not making you lose your head, and has faster loading screen that will enable you a quick access over the app.

Is It Worth?

Now many learning apps are considered to be a cheap marketing stunt and this is not the case with Adventure Academy. As the app offers you a 30-day free trial, you can be sure before making any move.
Well quality learning is something these days covered with lot of stuff but not actual learning, but the Adventure Academy uses an interactive approach with disguised learning through engaging graphics and formats. It’s the perfect blend of recreational content with learning and in which learning is weighed more precisely. So, even with all those fun games, videos, books, content your child is gaining knowledge and not just collecting game points and wasting time. Your child will not get lost with so much learning and fun activities, as Adventure Academy is built with a perfect balance of both. Fewer distractions and more focus on educational content is what make Adventure Academy worth splurge.

Final Takeaways

So, if you want to introduce your child with a fun and interesting educational experience you should definitely get your hands on Adventure Academy. You’ll definitely find your children loving this learning program. Their love would turn out to be so immense that you’ll find it to be hard to get them off the app. Your child will learn and most importantly remember what he learnt. And, if you have any queries, the app has an excellent round the clock customer support system that is there to help you with your queries and if any problem occurs provide you the best resolution.

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