Ann Taylor- A Plush American store for women

Ann Taylor is an American group of specialty apparel retail chain stores for women. With softly knitted fabrics, impressive prints and patterns, and vibrant colors, you will spot the most incredible variety in apparel as well as other accessories- all meant for women exclusively. Having this stretched out range in women clothing and accessories, it requires a lot of effort to satisfy each and every single out there. But Ann Taylor has successfully ventured it with consistent efforts and latest trends. If we had to pick any specialty of Ann Taylor as a global platform, it would be its distinct variety in apparel for all kinds of women from petite to tall. AnnTaylor offers the plushest range in women’s formal suits, all kinds of dresses, fancy blouses, tailored pants, cute sweaters and quirky skirts for all possible occasions like cocktail evenings and even wedding dresses.


About Ann Taylor

Ann Inc. is an American Company that offers top-notch clothing and plush styles for every woman out there. Ascena Retail Group, Inc. is the parent company of Ann Inc. and has been operating all its activities ever since. The story behind the curation of Ann Taylor is quite interesting. When Ann Taylor opened their first store in Connecticut in 1954, the idea was to give an identity to classic women’s apparel. And the reason why it was named that way is that the founder Richard Liebeskind thought so. Ann Taylor was basically the name of a best-selling dress at Liebeskind’s father’s store. And thus, as a symbol of good luck, the first store was opened with this name. Doing wonders, isn’t it?


What can you grab at Ann Taylor?

A flattering range of clothing from dresses to formal clothing to shoes and accessories, you will find the most thoughtful pieces that have been curated keeping in mind the classics as well as trends inspired from all genres. Ann Taylor has proved that it is timeless and that is why it has a huge customer fan base. You will find all possible types of clothing edits here. Have a look at some exclusive features-

  • Choose all types of apparel from exclusive Featured Clothing on the website. This Featured Clothing includes Monochromatic clothing, stripes, prints and patterns, Blues and online exclusives along with bestsellers.
  • Choose from Formal Outfits like Business formals, Business casuals, AM to PM clothing, Collection of suits, casual Friday, etc. All of them have been curated in the most refined quality.
  • Petite and Tall are two major exclusives of this website. They offer exclusive pieces for both body shapes and that too, in the entire range of clothing. Petite and Tall women can choose from all kinds of apparel according to the fit guide that is mentioned for ease.
  • Another major feature of Trending Clothing showcases a collection of suits, styling galleries, monochromes and all kinds of prints and patterns.


Why should you shop at Ann Taylor?

The reason why we love Ann Taylor so much is that it is the epitome of the modern American woman who is set to inspire everyone in the world and is also ready to conquer it. She needs the right guidance for her venture and Ann Taylor does so, in the best possible way. It offers so many benefits to its followers, some of which are mentioned here-

  • Infinity style by Ann Taylor: This feature allows you to rent endless styles for yourself. Simply pick the best styles that you want and return them after you have worn them. The reason why it is called Infinity is that all you have to do is rent whatever you like, return after usage and repeat!
  • ALL Rewards Loyalty Program: This loyalty program is something you should not miss. Simply sign up as a member and make your purchases. You will earn 5 Rewards Points per dollar spent on all of your qualifying purchases online or in-store. These points can be redeemed on any further purchases.
  • E-gift Cards: Along with regular gift cards, Ann Taylor offers E-gift cards for gifting your favorite woman whatever she wants!
  • Free Shipping: This one has built its customer base like crazy because it ships worldwide in the country and takes minimal international shipping.

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