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An online-only retailer website, is an exclusive platform that focuses on all the possible household appliances as well as electricals. Appliances are a must-have in everyone’s home and thus, they require due attention for obvious reasons. Founded in the year 2000 by John Roberts, this was originally based in the United Kingdom and has been flourishing ever since. The head office of is based in Bolton, Greater Manchester but it has successfully outspread its roots in other major countries as well. On the list lies the extravagant Germany and Netherlands as its partner countries. With its work spread and customer service in these three major countries, has become one of the most renowned online retailers of appliances and electricals.

Known as Appliances online, equips you with basically everything from household appliances to gadgets to home apparatus and even mechanical products. As the name suggests, it houses every possible appliance on its website! All of them are a part of our daily routine and thus, there is no way that one can avoid their existence. Moreover, with so many products in the market, you would need a one-stop destination that brings every product face to face with you. Thus, with the existence of, you don’t have to go out and put your footsteps in the busy markets. All the latest gadgets and electricals are just one click away right at your home. So, all you have to do is explore through this online retailer and make the best picks on the basis of price, utility, reviews as well as popularity. Choose from a variety of options and you won’t regret buying with them.

Talking about products, literally holds a record of thousands of products that have functionality as well as utility. You can choose from a variety of products that boost your daily activities. This online electrical store showcases a lot of smart tech edits with some major heads like laundry appliances, dishwashers, refrigerators, cooking appliances, and even garden appliances. The following is an insight into each of the categories-

  • Laundry appliances further include tumble dryers, washer dryers as well as integrated and free-standing machines.
  • Cooking appliances include a variety of cookers with integrated features, microwaves, and ovens, electric gas, hobs as well as induction.
  • Garden appliances have a list of tools and accessories that aid your passion for gardening.
  • A whole new section for entertainment gadgets and products is also a part of wherein you will find some of the world-class mobile phones, tabs, TVs, gaming units like Xbox, wireless headphones and music players.
  • Apart from this, floorcare accessories like vacuum cleaners, mops, and other related accessories are also a part of retailer website is a plethora of all world-class products with extreme quality and customer service as a foremost priority. is a way of life for all the passionate techies and thus, makes a gateway for them to have the most fun in life. It includes all the computing-related products as well. Sorted by product type and brands, you can make your pick from a variety of options. Laptops and desktops, MacBooks and gaming boxes, tablets, scanners and printers along with webcams and related accessories-this platform of has everything you name, LITERALLY! All these gadgets come along a precise list of the best brands in each category. Some of the major brand names namely Apple, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, Asus, and Acer are available on the website displaying competitive prices and thus, you can compare amongst different brands to make the aptest choice for yourself. A similar option goes for mobile phones too!

Why should you choose

  • The Price Match Promise: has a unique policy of matching the price of their own products against any other retailer and providing the cheapest price that works best for both the parties. Even if you have purchased a product from, but spot a cheaper price somewhere else within 7 days of purchase, they happily refund the difference and work their magic!
  • Hassle-free installation: All you have to do is order your products and then take a seat, sit back and relax. The expert team at works diligently to make each and every product delivered and installed at your home.
  • Free Delivery: They have a record of delivering your orders at the speed of light. The team at puts the customer first and nothing else. There is a unique element in this feature too. You can choose to get your product delivered the next day or you can also choose a delivery date that is 50 days away. Isn’t it amazing?
  • 100-day return policy: If you are still not satisfied with the product, you can opt to return it within 100 days of purchase and that too, free of cost! If it is unused, they will refund the entire amount too. This has boosted its customer base even more!
  • Recycling Plant: The products that you replace with the new products are taken to their recycling plant and are crushed to form something new. This is their contribution to the surroundings and the planet as a whole.

With a rating of 9.2 is over 100,000 customers, has been a successful venture in developing a huge family of a hard-working team of professionals as well as a satisfied customer base. With their customers at heart, they work diligently to make sure that you have the best experience of your purchase here and come back every time you need to buy any kind of appliances.


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