Apple MacBook Pro (15 inch) –  2019

This is the most powerful apple machine we have ever used. It is undoubtedly the alternative to windows computing. The stylish and sleek bezels make your instant apple love multiply by 5 times. Now what apple does is that it follows a specific pattern and it do some minor changes every year and relaunch the product while completely bringing a new product in 3-4 years. This is fortunately, former one and take its classes from apple mac book pro 2018 model.

Price – $2399 Base model – $6549 (Details below)
Power & Exterior – Exteriors same as 2016. Sleek Aluminum chassis, Retina display, Touch bar & Massive touchpad.

Powerful from inside but only 4 pounds’ weight. At 0.6 inch thickness it’s a mini powerhouse. Last year’s MacBook had Core i9 CPU (first time for mac operated laptop), but this has even stronger and powerful Corei9 – octa core chip, max clocking speed at 5Ghz. (Both chips have same microarchitecture, Coffee Lake)

Also has AMD Radeon Pro Vega graphic processor giving rise to one of the fastest video memory. The price is hence justified as not only those top 2 chips are there even the RAM is boosted to maximum. (If you just want it for watching binge movies or casual web browsing, this is an OVERKILL!). The benchmark test clearly proves that this is the most advanced apple machine of today.

Futuristic Design – There is no doubt about this but there are also few designs that might take time for us to adapt and that’s the keyboard I am talking about. Apple’s all new butterfly-switch design might take some for individuals as such a top notch keyboard has not been seen anywhere. It’s even different from Huawei Mate Book X Pro. It’s so soft you don’t type you just feel a buttery tap like in smartphones.

No Touch screen – Keyboard size is still same and so is the number pad lacking keyboard. Even the size is same and so is the area for your palm to rest. The touch bar is above it. Touch Bar is a small, touch sensitive display with further controls that can be customized according to app. It’s a standard feature on every MacBook Pro 15 inches.

Ergonomics – On both side and from top of touch bar, extends speaker grilles. Now here is a catch and many people can debate on this and that is speaker grilles might be trimmed for NumPad which is present on other keyboard. It’s especially problematic when you are likely working on spreadsheets a lot.
But again there is a catch, the audio output is best among 15 inches in the competition and it really compromises the whole situation.

Giant Trackpad –  A small keyboard actually is beneficial as it gives more room for its giant trackpad. Cursor moment is accurate and best in class. (7.28 inches S. Area), glass finish. Most precise cursor across the competitors. Quick feedback and it simulates click instead of the traditional physical click mechanism. In simple words, you get a homogenized click sensation all through the surface. Even the click sensitivities can be adjusted, making it stand out of class than the traditional physical ones.

Retina Display – 15.4 inches’ class ahead LED Retina Display. Uses IPS technology (in plane switching) which widens viewing angles without affecting display. 500 Nits bright backlight. At par with 4k displays. Extra features are P3 color gamut & Apple’s Automatic true tone white balance adjustment which automatically balances the colors of screen.

Laptop Screen – Thin screen. No face recognition. Camera is simple 720p fine for face time calls and stuff.
Ports and Connectivity – A 3.5mm audio jack and 4 USB Type-C ports. (2 on both side). No USB-A support. Also supports thunderbolt 3 interface with 40GB top data rates. No other laptop has four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Wireless connectivity is by Wi-Fi (802.11ac) & Bluetooth 5.0. (No support for futuristic Wi-Fi 6).
Pricing – Base Model at $2,399 (2.6Ghz Core i7 CPU, Radeon Pro 555x graphics chip, 16GB Memory, 256GB SSD) – Good for basic computing

Top model at $6,500 (4 TB SSD, 32GB Max memory, Corei9 Octa and other at max)

The new Apple machine is a terrific performing machine and its futuristic design is very ahead of the market. Whether it’s some video designing or graphic work or any multimedia work, it’s a strong all-rounder thanks to its age ahead processors.

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