Essential Running Gears for Women

No matter what running goal you have, be 10km, or winning a marathon having the right running gears is the most underrated thing. To carry out your stride smoothly you always need some essential gears. There is a special dress code for runners that make them feel a bit different and if you want to actually feel that runners vibe investing in the right and the most essential gears is an absolute must.
But, with so many overwhelming options it becomes quite daunting to what to actually go for and how to build your everyday running closet without spending a fortune. Well, if that’s what you’ve been facing we are here to help you out. We have got you covered the most essential gears and that’s all you’ll need to cover those long miles. From joggers, the right sports bra, to running watch we have fetched you everything and that too without forsaking your budget. So, all you have to do is click, select your size, checkout, and you’re sorted.


Sports Bra

Support is really important for a woman runner. Therefore, wearing the right sports bra is really important. If you think wearing normal or low-quality bras while running you’re highly mistaken. A sports bra offers you the right support and prevents the ligaments near the breast which are known to give them size from breaking down while running and if once they break down they might make your breast look saggy. A sports bra is really important as any type of physical activity including running involves bouncing and sports bra helps the ligaments to stretch out hence restricting any bouncing.
Make sure you don’t subside the importance of the right size while opting for the sports bra. Go for the bra that fits you fine both in the bands and cups. You can check out our pick.


Tank Tops

Every woman runner needs a comfortable assortment of tank tops. Tank tops are really airy making it the right piece for those sweaty running sessions. When selecting tank tops especially for running make sure the material should be 100% cotton or polyester as these are the most breathable and comfortable materials to choose from.
What we have picked for you is polyester that provides you all-over ventilation. This stretchy fabric will help you carry out movement while running with ease. Do check them out.



Like a comfortable top, you also require a comfortable bottom to wear. A stretchy and loose fit bottom will enable you to move smoothly without any strain or difficulty. Choose a fabric that contours your body impeccably providing a perfect ability to run. As summer season upon us, we have selected the joggers that are made from a stretchy combination of fabric that eliminates sweat and moisture thus making it great for humid and warm weather. The elasticated waistband and lightweight feel make it the most comfortable pick. You surely can’t dare to miss these.


Running Watch

While running you need to monitor a few things such as your heart rate, distance covered, to track your pace, and intervals, therefore, carrying an easy-to-use running watch is an absolute must. We have picked for you Garmin Forerunner 45 small running watch which is easy to operate and great for beginners. The watch comes with really smart features including adaptive working plans, incoming texts, and calls notification, live tracking, and you can control music playing in your phones through it. And you know the best part is it has a battery life up to 7 days if used smartwatch mode and 13 hours if used in GPS mode.


Water Bottle

Obviously to keep you hydrated during the long runs you need to carry a water bottle along with you. This is an absolute must and we don’t want you to make any compromises in this.

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