Expedia.com- A Leading Global Travel Company

The world’s biggest online travel company, Expedia has managed to maintain its reputation and prestige since 1996 when it was first launched as a division of Microsoft. If there was one thing we could pinpoint about its success and flourishment, it would be a consistent priority to customers as well as quick and convenient services. Every person who is planning a vacation looks forward to a platform that not only provides hassle-free services but is also quick in responses as well as answering valuable questions. All these aspects matter to the customer and if any company’s priority is customer base, then it will work hard to achieve that goal. Expedia is a big company of uncountable employees, working hard to make this platform be as longlasting as it can be.

Expedia is one of the fastest growing online travel portals in Asia whose aim is to bring the entire world in front of you and within your reach. This is done by offering travelers an extensive selection of hotels, resorts, flights, activities and additional travel services so that they are aided in their trip from the start to the end. Whatever your budget is, Expedia works diligently to make your dream vacation come true in the prescribed budget.

About Expedia.com

Expedia.com is an online travel agency and metasearch engine because it searches the best possible hotels and flights in your respective budgets and presents them to you in an innovative way. You can filter your location and budget and then wait for Expedia to do all the possible calculation. Expedia has made its way through airline tickets, hotel reservations, rentals, cruises as well as customized vacation packages.

Headquartered in Washington, it is owned and operated by the Expedia group and has been ranked as number one on the list of top-earning travel companies.

What does Expedia.com do?
A family of uncountable employees and customer base, Expedia has been flourishing like crazy with its top-notch services, travel vacation deals and ideas, offering the best locations in variant destinations and everything that you can name. If Expedia wasn’t a global platform, half of the world would have been wandering aimlessly looking for a gateway for their next travel destination. It offers the most exquisite hotel stays, rentals, flights and travel services in a reasonable budget. Whatever you need for your holiday, you will find it at this one-stop global platform of over 3,21,000 hotels and 360 airlines worldwide. Travelers can literally book everything they need for a holiday – rooms in luxury and budget hotels, inclusive activities and services as well as additional discounts for every vacation package you book.

Some of the world’s most trusted online travel brands- Expedia, Trivago, HomeAway, Orbitz, Travelocity, Vrbo, Hotwire, ebookers, Egencia, etc. are a part of the brand portfolio of Expedia group and provide the best services in terms of every travel aspect you refer to.

  • Vacation Package Deals: Expedia offers the best deals on a combination of hotels, rentals, resorts, etc. You can opt for beaches, nightlife, sightseeing, etc. and Expedia will provide you with the most relevant options.
  • Hotel Deals: Expedia helps you choose the cheapest deals on hotel accommodation for the trip. Now you won’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Whether it is luxury or budget- everything is affordable with Expedia.
  • Flight Deals: Now you can book a convenient flight to any destination with Expedia and avail cheap travels anywhere across the globe. Whether it is hiking, beach trips or tropical regions- everything has budget and luxury options.
  • Cruise Deals: Score the best cruise deals with Expedia and make sure you travel in style and not mainstream.
  • Car rental deals: Now you have the freedom to explore the entire city all by yourself with the best local car rental deals. Expedia offers a list of best rental vehicles and you can make your booking prior.

Why choose Expedia.com?

  • Expedia Rewards: Join Expedia membership, sign up for free and become eligible for discounts as well as cheap prices. You tend to view lower prices of hotels, rentals as well as flights as a member. Earn points on every booking and use them for your next booking on select locations.
  • Personalized recommendations: Expedia provides recommendations on trip ideas as well as travel deals that go together to save your money as much as they can. You can save conveniently on every vacation whilst availing of the best possible services.
  • Free perks: The more you travel, the more perks and facilities you earn. Free wifi, spa, and salon, credit points, etc.
  • No cancellation fee: If at any point in time, you feel like canceling your hotel reservation, then you can do that hassle free without worrying about cancellation fees. It is absolutely free!

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