Healthy cheese options to add to your snacks and meals

Just a little addition of cheese to your dishes can enhance its flavors, taste, and texture by great levels. We certainly don’t think there is any other food item that can be grater (pun intended) than cheese. With cheese by your side, you can create some of the most delectable and healthy dishes that are full of flavor and aroma. However, cheese is known to contain a high level of saturated fat and sodium, which isn’t exactly considered healthy to consume but despite that this food item is incredibly delicious, very filling, and full of nutrients. There’s no harm in consuming cheese as long as you’re sticking with the healthy options. Not every cheese is bad for health after all, a few of the options are still considered healthy that can make you feel fuller whilst also providing your body all the essential nutrients and key minerals to maintain overall health.

We have put together a list of a few healthy cheese options that will make your dishes more delectable, nutrient-dense, and fulfilling as well.

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese is one of the most commonly and widely used cheeses. This cheese requires less salt than the cheeses that are harder and aged. Due to less salt requirement, mozzarella cheese is also low in sodium content. It is packed with some of the best nutrients which work towards bone-building and also feed your body with an abundance of proteins. You can use this cheese in several dishes such as Caprese salad, sandwich, soup topping, omelets, other salads, and much more.

Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is a great healthy alternative to other cheeses. It is made using cow’s milk and has a semi-hard texture or appearance. For someone, who is looking for a cheese that is low on sodium and fat content, swiss cheese is probably your safest bet. However, sodium content can vary from brand to brand and if you are specifically purchasing it for lower sodium content then make sure that the cheese contains 140 mg or less sodium per serving. In addition to that, swiss cheese is also a good source of vitamin B12 which is higher than other cheeses and this vitamin helps in the functioning of muscles, nerves, and overall cells. Whether having it with a sandwich or paired with fruits, either way, this cheese adds a lot more flavor to the dish.

Parmesan cheese

This nutrient-rich cheese is yet another healthy option to include in your dishes. Parmesan cheese is known to be a rich source of calcium and phosphorous and these two together help in maintaining and improving your bone’s health. Its hard texture can be attributed to low fat content. Besides that, it has high protein and sometimes sodium content as well, which is one of the reasons why a little amount of this cheese can easily go a long way.

Blue cheese

Call it blue cheese or bleu cheese, whatever suits you, but it is one of the most distinct types of cheese you will ever come across. The cheese has a very distinct smell to it and that’s not the only highlight of this cheese, the small blue spots or veins present within the cheese make this type pretty unique. Blue cheese is known to have high sodium content but it is also a great source of calcium which is crucial for bone’s health. A tiny amount if this cheese is enough to add flavor to your dishes such as salads, soups, or any other appetizer.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a type of cheese that is made from the curd of pasteurized cow’s milk. The cheese has a very mild flavor to it which works wonderfully with various dishes. It is low on calories and high on protein content which is essential for overall health. Additionally, it is also known to contain antioxidant ‘selenium’, which minimizes the risk of chronic inflammation.

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