H&M- A Leading Fashion Retailer of the Era

Founded in 1947, this Swedish clothing retailer H&M namely ‘Hennes & Mauritz’ is a leading fashion retailer with almost 4000 stores worldwide. It has been creating a rage in the fashion industry since the time of its inception and that is why we love it for every single reason. H&M has grown to be one of the most renowned and powerful brands in the world with top-notch products, clothing articles, home essentials, accessories, etc. for men, women, and kids. There is nothing that you won’t find at an H&M store. It has literally everything! This highly recognizable brand of the fashion industry has been aiming at customer values, ethical codes as well as social responsibility towards the planet as a whole for its long-term sustainability.

History & Success of H&M
When the first H&M store was opened in the Swedish city Vasteras in 1947, it was the sole seller of women’s clothing, accessories, and essentials.

  • This chapter of the 40s and 50s involved only women and that is why this store was called ‘Hennes’ back then which means ‘Hers’ in Swedish. It was an exclusive women’s store making available the top-notch quality products at affordable prices.
  • In the later years, particularly the 60s and 70s, the letter ‘M’ was added to show that a separate line for men, kids as well as toddlers were introduced by the brand. Thus, this brand got the name ‘H&M’ eventually. This expansion was a great step by H&M because it was a step towards accomplishment as well as flourishment.
  • Then in the 90s, H&M outspread its roots towards the online platform for the first time. This was a kickstart to give competition to all other recognized brands. In the 2000s, H&M scattered even more and went both west and east. It added new in-house brands like ARKET to its existence which is now a major part of its success.
  • Since then, it has been flourishing like crazy by opening as many as 4000 stores worldwide and plans on opening even more. With time, it has managed to settle in the hearts of the people because of its exclusive collection.

Using the strategy of Fast Fashion, H&M has been able to capture a lot of market share and has made available all the possible products that its target market desires. This renowned Swedish brand does not manufacture its products in-house. Instead, it outsources its production to more than 900 independent suppliers and keeps a regular check on the quality.

What will you spot at an H&M store?
Major H&M brands like H&M Home, COS, Weekday, Monki, ARKET, Afound as well as & Other Stories are sold under the name H&M. Their partnership with H&M has been a turning point in the life of this brand. H&M focuses on the ongoing trends, different cultures, and values and then constructs the ultimate fashion and stylish articles for men, women, and kids of every age. You will spot a variety of clothing, accessories, as well as footwear in this store and they, are all worth buying. Different sections under the name Woman, Man, Child, H&M Home, and Divided has been a key attraction of this store.

  • Under Divided, you will be able to spot and categorize different articles for men, women as well as kids. Articles like blouses, jeans, accessories, shirts, swimwear, sweaters, different combinations, etc. are available in this exclusive category. Divided is all about best-seller articles, current trends, festive essentials as well as upcoming trendy products.
  • For the Woman category, you will find a lot of Sparkling outfits, pretty accessories, winter essentials, work store as well as holiday outfits. You will find the best deals online as well as in-store and also some unseen deals and discounts. With a loyalty program, you can also avail of a 10% discount.
  • For the Man category, find winter essentials, blazers, tuxedos, regular clothing in all the possible styles are available and thus, you can choose from this large collection.
  • For the Child category, you will spot different sections for kids of every age group from newborn to 14+ years in both girls and boys. Bestseller products at H&M are made available to all its customers so that they take back home the most exquisite styles.

Benefits of buying at H&M

  • Anyone can become a member and avail special discounts, promotions as well as offers and coupons on different articles. The products are top-quality and if you are able to buy them at low prices, this is the best treat for yourself! Register online and take advantage of a 10% discount on your next purchase, and free returns on all merchandise too.
  • Use H&M Gift Cards to gift your loved one the most exquisite piece ever. This Electronic Gift card can be used online as well as in-store. It offers fashion as well as H&M Home items for you and your loved ones.

H&M has grown to be one of the largest fashion retailers in the world and there is no doubt about the fact that it gives you the best, serves the best and thus, is the best brand right now. Go shopping right away!

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