IoT Tech Expo Global 2020- London

The IoT Tech Expo Global 2020 will be held at Olympia Grand, London from 17-18 March 2020. IoT or internet of things is the World’s largest IoT conference series & will assist in bringing all the significant industries from around the Earth for 2 days under 1 roof for high quality discussions all around. The conference will see the impact of IoT on Manufacturing, Insurance, Supply chain & Logistics, Transport, Energy, Govt. & Automotive.

Some of the vital topics up for sharing are – Edge Computing, IoT connectivity solutions, industry 4.0 & 5.0, Buildings automation, Smart meter & grids, Facilities management, Building supply chain, process automation, smart city development, asset monitoring, asset management, cloud tech & IoT data management to name a few.

The 5th Annual global event will be hosting 5 events covering Blockchain, Cyber Security, and Cloud with AI. The event is expected to be attended by 12,000 which includes the likes of CTO’s, IT directors, Heads of leading R&D, Start-up’s, OEM’s, Investors, VCs & many more renowned personalities.

Following are the opportunities to grasp for a well tailored business-

Brand exposure – More than 24 categories of companies will thrive at the exhibition giving a fair chance of Brand exposure either through exhibition or generalized meet.

Thought leadership

With 56% director level or above attendees at the event, it will be an impressive opportunity to meet & expand your business. Also with more than 500 speakers you might get an idea & provoke your brain in the likes of dozens of entrepreneurs.

Lead generation – Lead generation is a mandatory step in any business & this conference gives you an opportunity to showcase your business to many persons right at the moment.

Personalized meetings – 1 to 1 meeting chance can be yours by either taking personalized space or meeting rooms spread near the premises.


When you sit & socialize as such in these events, your chance to groom automatically increases. Networking comes as complimentary when one goes for networking.

Product launch – If you book your seat in exhibition or around anywhere, it’s a nice start to launch your product with many credible successful persons around you. Don’t forget to get some decent advice from them which can him pretty helpful in later stages.

Brand Positioning – Brand positioning is an altogether different thing and is in books of many. Marketing & positioning are 2 vital tools for customer retraction so make sure you learn about it with the conference giving you a chance to position your brand the right way.

Start-up Incubators

This one is a no-brainer as with more than 12000 attendees, 5 Co-Located events, 21 conference tracks, more than 500 speakers along with 300+ exhibitors will act as start up incubator hubs to help your business grow and take the lead.

The IoT Global Expo 2020 gives a nice platform for business expansion & other start up ideas. Like minds grow in like environments.
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