Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset  In Depth Review

The Logitech G Pro X has been quite an update over the last model from the same company. This wireless gaming headset boasts a sturdy built with good high and lows. Priced at $129.99 sets it right at the midpoint of $100 priced wired headsets models which boasts a simple trend & all the way to higher premium pricing of $300 for more functionality & features.

There are lots of cool features along with a 7.1-channel USB sound card, Software-based audio customization option & a lot more.

So, let’s review the Logitech Wired G Pro X, the gaming Headset.
Ergonomics & Designing – The previous model was an all plastic model & luckily things have changed now and this model is now stronger than ever before with sturdier build quality.

Ear Cups & Ear pod design – Ear cups are now Curved & matte finished with black outlines. Chrome finished Aluminum plates in circular modesty on the back bears the Logitech logo. Coming to the Ear pads, they are very Soft in foam covered in BlackFaux Leather & the two match with foam & leatherette padding on the headband. What is more interesting in the design are the ear cups attaching to the Y-Shaped, matte finished Black steel arms & that pivots them vertically (can’t be rotated).

Overall, it’s a very robust design for a comfortable fitting that makes it number one obvious choice for gamers who need comfortable build quality. Another interesting aspect is the alternative to Faux Leather & that is Logitech comes with set of Fabric-wrapped Ear pads.

Left Ear cup – It has 2 connection point for the G Pro X’s headset. First is a 3.5mm port (this is for 2 headset cables which in included within the package) & a 2nd 3.5mm port for the mic diagonally down to the forward.
Out of 2 cables, one is fabric swathed 2m cable for PC along with an inline remote which houses a Mic Mute Switch, Volume Wheel & a Short Clip. 2nd cable is a rubber wrapped 1.5m cable that houses an inline microphone & a mute switch. Both cables lay off in a 4-pole 3.5mm connection on both ends. (one drawback is that none of cables have mobile playback controls)

Accessories – USB Card & G-Hub – These are handy if your PC has those separate Microphone & Headphone jacks. One can use a 0.4foot splitter for some analog connections but the better way is USB soundcard that comes with these headsets.

USB card is a minor flat black plastic box around the size of a pen drive which boasts a 3.5mm Headset port & a 2 -inch long fabric wrapped cable that is in the form of a USB-A cable connector at its ends. Both these connections lie at opposite heads. The card is compatible with Logitech’s G-Hub software which has included support for DTS Headphone:X 2.0 7.1-channel simulated surround sound. Now coming to an important point here is that while the headset houses a 3.5 mm connection output one may think that it can be used with any gaming console of modern gen or with a mobile. But, there’s a catch here & that is the Sound Card & the accompanying software is only compatible with PC. (The G Pro can be bought which is San a soundcard at a price of $99.99)

G Hub Software – It is to offer some fine tune adjustments curated for both headphone & microphone audios. There is also a 5-band EQ with customizable options & presets for quick go through. There is a new feature where-in you can use Custom-EQ preference for E-Sports professionals like Team SoloMid’s Bjergsen & Hamlinz.

More interesting fine tune adjustments come via the Microphone menu & other variety of options by Blue Microphones Blue Voice processing. It can be used for following functions.

Create microphone presets
Adjust Gain
Adjust Side tone
Create Mic. Presets with 3-channel voice EQ & variable high-pass filters. Noise reduction, Expander/gate, De-esser, limiter & compressor.

Mic. Performance – Excellent sound with plenty detail capture. It’s a crisp mic that is enough for most basic needs.

Gaming performance & detailing – As we said earlier the overall voice is clear with good ups & lows. However, one small disappointment is that level of bass is low. Otherwise high mids & mids or lower sounds all are pretty good.

Music performance – DTS headphone simulated sound should be disabled before listening to music otherwise bass can be very high while other frequencies are masked. The good thing is that even at high voices, the headset does not distort. Stereo sound is very well tuned as well.

Final Verdict – Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is a solid choice if you want all the premium features at a genuine rate display. The $129.99 gives complete package whether it is the solid build quality or the comfortable level. The accessories & software customizations make it more likeable. Overall it’s a very excellent product and sounds great and is sure to give you a high end mega audio luster.

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