Lululemon vs Athleta- Which one is better?

There are several athletic retailers in the market that are continuing to be on the top of their game by selling activewear in huge numbers and while there are quite a few to name, no brands are like lululemon and Athleta that are presently holding a very strong command over the athletic industry. The two brands are having a serious competition with each other and continue to report growing sales despite several other athletic brands saturating the market. While both the brands are known to be the best in their own ways, the thing that matters the most here is the quality. Nobody would like to compromise on the quality of their activewear. Both the brands are known to offer similar products and the growing competition between the two makes it a little difficult for the people to figure out what is the right brand to shop from between the two. To make things slightly easier for you, we break down a list of a few things about both the brands which include prices, branding, material, and, sizing.



Lululemon is a Canada based athletic apparel retailer that mostly focuses on yoga gear exclusively. And due to that reason including several other aspects, the brand has often been associated with yogis and hippies as well, which is why this brand is quite popular amongst them.

On the contrary, Athleta is known to deal in all types of activewear including hiking, running, training, weight, yoga, etc. Most of their active gears follow a combination of athletic and streetwear style which makes their product feel more athleisure than strictly workout/athletic gear.

Both the brands have a different kind of experience to offer, with each having different expertise skills.



Pricing is one of the most important aspects of any brand when purchasing active apparel. And if we compare the prices of the two brands, then without any doubt, lululemon is much more expensive. While price should not really be an issue while purchasing a good quality product but both the brands offer extremely high-quality products and getting the same good quality at a lesser price always sounds a better deal, which Athleta successfully manages to offer. Even Athleta is also known to offer great discounts on their products which means you can buy the same article at a lot lesser price than it was marked originally.



One of the major downsides of the lululemon brand is the size limitation. Unlike Athleta, which is known to offer activewear in all different sizes ranging from small, tall petite and plus size, lululemon fails to provide their activewear in a varied range of sizing options. You can find their products only in the sizes between 0 to 14. Due to Athleta’s varied size inclusivity, you will find yourself rooting for this brand especially when you’re struggling to find yourself a good workout gear in your size.



While both the brands are known to offer high-end women’s activewear, one of the most crucial things that make a brand ‘the brand’ is the material and the quality. And no doubt, both the brands do well on this front but lululemon takes the lead here. Lululemon has long been the most preferred choice amongst the buyers due to their fine quality activewear that is well suited for high performances. Athleta also does well on this part and offers good quality workout gears but the loyal customers of lululemon just don’t seem to get enough of their super comfy and durable fabrics.

Now that we have decoded a few things for you about the two brands, this might help you a bit to make a decision wisely and choose the most promising option.

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