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A Global online retailer company, Rosegal lay down its foundation when a group of friends with similar interests decided to take it a bit further. This global brand found a renowned name in the world of fashion and beauty eventually and has been a keen provider of everything beautiful since its inception. Rosegal is an online platform that delivers fashionable as well as home products to its customers worldwide at affordable prices. This is the best gateway for all those who are looking for their dream outfits and are planning to revamp their wardrobe with fashion icon pieces. If there is one thing that Rosegal pays heed to, it is customer satisfaction with the most trending and exquisite designs. You will spot all kinds of trends at Rosegal like contemporary and modish, vintage as well as exclusive.

How it all started?
In 2007, when a group of friends with mutual interests decided to take their passion a step further, this gave Rosegal its foundation and thus, the most exclusive online fashion retailer was born. Each one of them had this never-ending passion and love for dressing in the most exclusive styles using a blend of accessories and mix and match of clothing. This way, it became imperative to take this love for vogue to a new level. And why not? When the rest of the world can benefit from your ideas, it is always a great idea to pay heed to that venture. They decided to grab this opportunity with both arms and lead the world of fashion in style.

Rosegal is basically a stunning platform that provides endless designs and outfit trends in vintage as well as modern tailor-made outfits. Out of these, you are at discreet to make your pick whichever way you want to. Rosegal provides a fusion of different kinds of clothing and thus, gives your vision the perfect gateway. Vintage clothing, elegant clothing as well as stunning clothing- everything is available at this one-stop platform.

The Vast Spectrum of Rosegal
Seamlessly offering endless styles in apparel, accessories for the hair, body, and face, home essentials and footwear options for men as well as women, Rosegal has one unparalleled goal to make the best fashion pieces available to each one of you. From this vast spectrum, you can pick a lot of styles that suit your body type. This is one of the best features of this website and makes it distinct. It holds a separate space for the plus size women as well as curvy girls to help them satisfy their fashion dreams.

  • Men & Women: From dresses, blouses, bottoms, swimwear, formal wear, activewear, lingerie, innerwear for both men and women particularly, Rosegal offers everything that you are looking for. Special costumes for festivities like new year, Christmas, Halloween also have a separate section on the website. Choose from endless styles and curate the classiest outfits for yourself.
  • Plus Size: This genre struggles hard to fit in their dream clothing until Rosegal came to their rescue. Every shape and size is beautiful and that is why at Rosegal you will spot a separate section for plus size women featuring the most stunning pieces in apparel. You can shop by size or by trend- whatever suits you best.
  • Curvy Girl: A new line was introduced in the Plus size section by the name Curvy Girl for all those who were not exactly plus size but failed to fit in the standard size because of the body shape. This section does not mean that it aims at bulky women. It simply aims at those girls whose curves are more accentuated than other girls.
  • Accessories: For both men and women, this section is a loved space. It features a variety of shoes, bags, jewelry items, watches as well as beauty products for the face, body, and hair. If you love the feel of being voguish, then you would love this too.
  • Home Essentials: At Rosegal, you would find everything that you need to decorate your home. Essentials like garden supplies, decor items, bed and bath, pet supplies, toys, and stationery are available in fancy and creative designs.

Benefits of shopping at Rosegal

  • New member discount: Rosegal offers all its new customers a 15% discount on the first purchase. If you purchase up to a certain limit, you might be lucky enough to get a 10% cashback too.
  • Exclusive coupons: Coupons can be won on every purchase and can be used sitewide or on a particular category. This feature has attracted a lot of customer base.
  • Earn R points: Earn free points every day by checking in on the site. You get 5 points on your first check-in and if you do it consecutively, you can win more points. This check-in and earning points have a lot of different options and with this, you can further avail a lot of discounts.

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