Swimwear trends that should be on your radar this summer

Summers can be hot, like really hot but do you know what’s the best part about them? The swimwear! No summer season can be officially completed without us getting into our favorite swimsuits. The season gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy our days by the beach and swimming pools, bask in the sun, get that natural tan and look for another sunny day to be able to wear the swimsuits. The craze for swimwear is real and it can be easily figured out from our impatient attitude as most women start counting the days until summer. And with summer season almost upon us, we are already seeing swimwear trends everywhere. Every girl can use a new and trending swimwear in her wardrobe for summer 2020 and with trends this amazing; you certainly wouldn’t be able to contain yourself from splurging some money on these hot pieces.

We have rounded up a list of 5 hot swimsuits trends that will be big this year and are sure to make your day even brighter and hotter.

High cut

High cut swimwear trend is one of the boldest and daring pieces you can go with. While it may look a little too bare to some, but it can actually look incredibly hot and attractive. This 80s trend is going to be everywhere this season and you can expect them in so many crazy options ranging from cheeky bikinis to sleek one-pieces. Whether going with a solid color or printed version, these high cut swimwear will look bomb either way.


What’s not to love about this bikini? The color, the texture, and the high rise make this bikini worth buying.

High neck tops

If you don’t really like the idea of revealing your upper chest area then this swimwear trend is all you need to try and believe us, you won’t get enough of this trend. These full coverage swimwear tops assure that you don’t feel uncomfortable. The designers have given the swimwear a very cute and interesting makeover from the top so you don’t have to bare it all. A few detailings like a zipper, button closure, and unique silhouettes were put to use in the making of this swimwear that gives all the pieces a very stylish appeal.


To be able to achieve comfort, you don’t always have to sacrifice the style and this bikini is the perfect example of that. A little pop of color and high cut bottom will let you keep things pretty interesting.

Underwire tops

With some of the retro swimsuits making resurgence this year including sports style to high waisted bikinis, how can we forget listing our personal favorite underwire bikini tops and one-piece trend that feels so current and fresh? Underwire bikini tops and one-pieces are going to be everywhere this season and we are sure of it. These underwire swimwear numbers not only look incredibly chic and sexy but they also provide extra support to your bust and make you look more flattering. From printed underwire swimsuits to solid bikini tops, you can find them in several fabulous options.


How cute is this underwire swimsuit with plaid detailing? Don it to a beach or pool party and you are surely going to grab a lot of eyeballs.

Belts and hoops
If you are bored of wearing those basic and typical swimsuits with no added detail to them, then you’re in luck this time because swimsuits with an unexpected feature in the form of a belt, ring, and hoop detailing are the next big thing this season. Hoops, rings, and belts are being used as an additional detailing to add an extra flair to the swimwear and make them appear more polished and chic.


It’s all in the detailing and this bikini top is right here to prove it.

Knot detailing
Spice things up by investing in swimwear with knotty detailing. This tied-up detailing is going to be quite big this season. You can easily find them in various cute options in different colors and patterns. This small detailing is certainly going to add a lot more interest to your look.

This two-tone bikini is certainly craving for attention and it is one sure shot way to steal the show when going for a pool party.

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