The Superlative Water-proof Fitness trackers – 2019

Fitness trackers have become an integral part of health tech and smart watch industry. While one would love to wear these trackers while doing exercise or while taking a simple stroll, there is a catch here. Not all trackers are waterproof and could have effect on their life & quality.

So we have compiled a list of hard to beat water trackers that give overall good punch when it comes to water-proof ratings. Before starting the list, you must know that while all Fitbit watches are water resistant but that doesn’t mean you can dive off and it’s important check the distance up to which your average watch is safe.

1. Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin is not a new name in the fitness tech industry but produces some inexpensive options in the lot. The Vivo Fit 3 is launched as a band-styled tracker. The battery life is for 7 days (30 hours with GPS). The activity tracker automatically syncs with Garmin Connect Companion App and uploads all health stats to Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. It’s a good alternative to Fitbit Charge2. The watch has both Heart rate monitor & sleep tracking.

2. Fitbit Versa

The watch works & is compatible with Android, iOS & Windows Phone. This one can also tracks swims & is safe up to a depth of 50m .Display size is around 0.9inches with Color LCD screen. When it comes to fitness features, the watch has an Accelerometer & a heart rate meter along with a dedicated sleep tracker. Battery life is decent to around 4+ days. This product comes with a separate app store but can’t be used to make calls. Come with Silicone, Leather or Metal bands as per choice with Black, Peach & grey colors.

3. Apple Watch Series 4

The smartwatch is iOS compatible & works on watchOS. An Apple S4 processor runs the watch with OLED display. The screen size is 40mmx44mm. The watch vaunts an Accelerometer along with Heart rate monitor & a GPS (you don’t need your device all the time with you). The battery life is fine with 18 hrs. & yes it has its separate app store. The watch can also make calls & comes with Silicone, sport loops with Grey, Silver & gold colors.

4. Fitbit Flex 2

The wrist band type smart fitness tracker is old though with flex 3 already in market, but still it’s a solid choice. The watch is swim proof up to 50 meters. The LED indicator lights type display coupled with Compatibility to Windows, Android & iOS makes it a great choice. The heart rate monitor is missing here but the sleep tracker is there. A decent battery life of 5 days is like icing on the cake.

5. Motiv Ring

Pretty easy to guess from name, it’s a ring & displays nothing. This is however only compatible with iOS which limits its use. There is both sleep as well as heart tracking on it. The battery life is up to 3 days and it is very swim friendly. Don’t forget to dry it once the work is done. One problem can be the price which might be high for some people.

These are some of the best options for a water proof fitness tracker so that you need not worry for those dives in swimming pool or taking device while showering. After all, Health is Wealth
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