Top 8 Online Shopping sites – 2019

E-Commerce is a rapidly growing business and while presence of top sites like Amazon, E-bay, Walmart is obvious, the list has more to it. All the data is from a research by Similar Webs ranking as per client engagements and visits.

Let’s begin the count,

1. Amazon –, an e-commerce company founded in 1996 is not a new name and has been constantly on top online retailer. You name it and the product is there on this ultra-big website. From a small toy car to big furniture, shoes to food items, books, toys you have it all stashed. Its prime membership provides free 2-day shipping with lot of other perks such as free streaming music app, movies etc. making you a prime member for a nominal fee. Jeff Bezos is the founder CEO.

2. EBay – , another shopping website found around 1998 is again an e-commerce platform like amazon. One can buy or also sell used items. “Price match guarantee” ensures best price on some particular deals available at par.

3. Craigslist –, launched in 1996. And since then, it has ended business of many business classifieds. It’s like and online or digital version of paper classifieds. Anyone can post listing by community / region and that too free. So, if anyone is looking for an online platform for selling or buying any service or product, it’s time to look for some of the best resources on craigslist.

4. Walmart – Walmart had its first store opened in 1962. From then on it’s not a new name anymore. Along with great overall service & low prices, company took the online route in 2000. ( , US. Walmart is also one of the most visited stores in CANADA.

5. Etsy –  Launched in 2005. It had one basic aim then and that was to give one single platform for all artistic people, creators & artisans under 1 roof. Things moved pretty quickly and soon it became (now) top place for Vintage items, Handmade and exotic art items.

6. Home Depot – ( –  1st store opened in 1979. Online in 2000. As the name suggests its home to your home improvement with more than 2200 stores globally. Wide variety of articles available from small to major. (delivered at home or store pickup)

7. – Launched in 1999 as online while stores since 1962. It has also won awards for unique mobile app and soon launched Cartwheel, a mobile coupons app developed in acc. with Facebook.( Its online store now has a wide variety of online products from clothes to college products.

8. Wish – ( – Founded by former Google software engineer in 2010 and there’s been a remarkable extension and development since then. It has grown by leaps and bounds and has made a mark in vast universe of Online Shopping world. Highlight are its remarkably low rates since its inception and it directly picks from Chinese Manufacturers. All you have to do is register and enjoy user-friendly customer experience.


Online shopping sites & E-commerce sector has grown by leaps and bounds and is still growing. It has brought a new revolution & a remarkable change in internet industry.

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