Top Picture-Perfect Digital Cameras – 2019

Digital cameras may be age old thin for many as the smartphones have replaced cameras at many places. Hence, there are very less inexpensive options and the starting options are not worth the effort as your smartphone camera is at par with those. Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony are some of those decent point and still camera.

We discuss some of the top digital cameras you can buy in 2019.

A. Nikon D850 – It is a 5-star product and has been editor’s choice since a long time. The camera is best of professionals, Quick Action. Dimensions of the camera are 9×5.8×3.1 inches. It is a D-SLR type camera weighted at 2lb. With 45.7 Megapixels lens & Full Frame sensor size, it’s a must buy. Maximum ISO is 102400. LCD size is 3.2 inches with dots at 2,359,000. The viewfinder is optical.


Nikon D850 supports 720p, 1080p & 4K recording.

B. Sony A7 III – This Sony camera is at par with all others in this list. Camera is best for professionals and enthusiasts. The dimensions for this camera are 9×5.0x2.5 inches. With 1.4lb weight it is a Mirrorless camera. Lenses can produce a 24MP picture with full frame sensor size of 24x36mm. Max ISO at 204800. LCD is 3 inches with LCD dots at 921,600. Viewfinder is EVF & the A7 can record 1080p & 4K.

C. Fujifilm X-H1 – This camera from Fujifilm, the latest in its inventory is best for Fast Action & video. Dimensions are set at 8×5.5×3.4 inches. It’s a mirrorless camera weighted at 1.5lb. The sensor is an APS-C(15.7X23.7MM) with max ISO at 51200. The LCD size is 3 inches with LCD dots at 1,040,000. With viewfinder EVF type it also supports video resolution of 1080p & 4k.

D. Olympus Tough TG-5 – This camera from Olympus is for beginners or for travel, kids, underwater. Dimensions set at 6×4.4×1.3inches. Weighed at 8.8oz, it’s a compact type camera. Picture can be resolved up to 12MP. Sensor size is ½.3” (6.2×4.6mm). The maximum ISO can be 12,800. LCD screen size is 3 inches with LCD Dots 460,000. There is none viewfinder and the camera can record video with 720p, 1080p, 480p, 4K resolution.

E. Canon Power Shot SX70 HS – This camera has long zoom ability & good for travel. The dimensions are 6×5.0x4.6inches with 1.3lb weight. It is a superzoom type camera with 20MP lens. The sensor size is ½.3 inch and max ISO size of 3200. LCD is 3 inches with LCD Dot of 920,000. There is EVF viewfinder & the camera can record at 1080p & 4K recording.

These are some of the top cameras with their features and details. These are best for travelers or photographers as smartphone camera can easily cater the need for decent photography. The recently launched Apple iPhone X took smartphone camera’s level by leaps & bounds. Also many budget smartphones from the likes of Samsung & Huawei are constantly uplifting smartphone camera levels. Saying all this, still the digital camera tops the photography chart owing to specializes lenses & architecture.

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