United Vacations- Offering the most leisurely vacations

United Vacations is the official vacation brand of United Airlines that offers plenty of amazing vacation packages in all the cities of the US which are served by United Airlines and its codeshare partners. The working of United Vacations is simple and secure. They make sure that wherever you go, you should go with a full heart and that is how they try to plan the best possible package for you at the best prices. The quality of this vacation, the services involved as well as a guarantee of low price is something exclusive offered by United Vacations. It combines the best fares on United Airlines to make an affordable package with top-notch services. Offering over 400 destinations to choose from, United Vacations can literally make your dream holiday come true just like that!

It serves its purpose in over 400 destinations majorly including Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. All these destinations together have a plethora of 2,50,000 resorts that are waiting for your visit. At all these resorts, United Vacations is bound to provide you with the most exquisite services and a lavish stay. You can also book a lot of nearby activities to make this trip of yours much more fun and memorable.

About United Vacations

A leisure vacation package product for United Airlines, United Vacations has been working diligently to make your dream vacation come true. It has been fulfilling the dreams of many travelers ever since and has made it extremely desirable to plan new destinations. With such a hardworking team to curate the best ever packages and that too in different countries with different services, this platform is the best way to book your next destination.

They will not only add to the thrill of visiting a new destination but will also make sure that you have a unique and unforgettable experience every time. Working exceptionally for more than 40 years, this one has managed to build a huge customer base and reputation over the years.


What does United Vacations offer?

From over 2,50,000 resorts in 400 destinations and 10,000 activities to do, there is nothing that United Vacations does not offer. There are some added benefits of booking with United vacations and also some deals and offers that you might not find anywhere else. Check them out.

  • Customized Packages: United Vacations offers various packages in more than 400 destinations and some of them are even related to exotic places. You can also make customized packages if you are going to the Disney world, honeymoon travels, corporate travels, diving or ski adventure, group traveling or luxurious vacations.
  • MileagePlus offers: All the existing and potential travelers know that being a part of this loyalty program of United Vacations is ultra-beneficial. They offer exclusive ways to earn bonus award miles when you make your bookings as a member.
  • Luxurious brands of Resorts: With all-time luxury resorts to affordable accommodations, they offer everything in your budget. Choose from a wide range of luxury villas from the topmost hotel brands in the country. AMResorts, Barcelo Hotel group, Hard rock hotels, Riu Hotels to name a few.
  • Exclusive Deals and offers: With so many last-minute deals and promo codes along with instant credits for your first booking or to promote a specific time of the year, United Vacations offer everything beneficial.


Why should you book with United Vacations?

  • Lowest airfares on United Airlines: The fact that they are a product of United Airlines, they have easy access to the lowest prices of this airline. Thus, you can get prime notifications about the first class and business class fares and avail them before they get sold out.
  • Best price on packages: Along with the airlines, the best price is guaranteed with United Vacation packages too. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you are paying a price higher than some other vacation package platform is offering. If you find something like this, they will give you the lowest price right away.
  • Travel Protection Plus: This exclusive program offers you the benefit of canceling your vacation and still has price protection and travel insurance. This insurance includes baggage protection, medical coverage, etc.
  • Exceptional customer service: Working diligently 24/7/365, the customer service is truly the most exceptional thing we have ever seen. You can contact them whenever you want with all your queries.

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