American Airlines- Travel in Luxury!

The World’s largest airline, American Airlines is the most prestigious airline ever flown. There is a reason why American Airlines is the largest one in the world. If you look at it in terms of fleet size, revenue generated, the number of scheduled passengers carried, scheduled kilometers flown as well as the number of destinations covered, this has aced in each of the aspects. It is truly the most enormous as well as the most prestigious airlines to travel by air. They operate internationally as well as domestically. With the number of destinations covered, American Airlines is worth the travel!

About American Airlines
Founded in the year 1930, American Airlines have been the most opulent airline in the world. They are also the largest ones in the world and have created job opportunities for more than 9,00,000 employees worldwide and have built a huge family staff. Not just in terms of size, they have also aced in the number of flights flying every day. With an average of 6700 flights every day and 350 destinations covered in 50 countries, there is no other airline with the same competent power like this one. These flights operate on an extensive network of international as well as domestic flights.
Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, they are a founding member of the Oneworld alliance too, whose members and members-elect offer around 14,250 flights daily to almost 1,000 destinations in 150 countries! American Airlines’ working system is based on integrity, honesty, and absolute dedication towards its customers and the world as a whole. They strive hard to work parallel towards social responsibility as well as customer services as a prime goal.

Why should you go on board with AA?

1. You can easily ‘Plan your travel’ with AA because anything related to flights, schedules, hotels and accommodations and basically everything that requires your knowledge for a destination is available with American Airlines.

  • Flight status, check-ins, delays and each and every information related to your flight boarding is made available to you by the AA.
  • You can look for nearby hotels according to the airport you are landing on. If you have long layovers, then AA is there to make available the best nearby hotels as well.

2. Anything related to ‘Travel information’ is made available by the AA as a prime motive because customer satisfaction, as well as information, is foremost. Services that you can avail at the airport, at the lounges during the waiting time, special assistance in case of special cases can all be viewed on their website and a wise choice can be made.

  • Flagship lounges, admiral clubs as well as arrival lounges are the most top-notch services of American Airlines.
  • You can also access a mobile app for all the possible information regarding your flight as well as accommodation.


The Exclusive AAdvantage Loyalty Program

American Airlines offer a loyalty program to all its customers and those who choose it have benefitted from it worldwide. As a member of this AAdvantage Program, you are in a happy place to earn miles when you fly on American, Oneworld and other participating airlines, as well as over 1,000 variant partners. When you have a lot of miles, you can use them to avail multiple services as well as benefits like:

  • American as well as participating flights to nearly 1,000 destinations worldwide of your choice.
  • Upgrades and premiums in flight bookings, hotel bookings as well as an instant upgrade to first or business class traveling.
  • Booking car rentals and accommodations using these miles points and availing heavy discounts.
  • Use these miles for dining out at different restaurants as well as for using your credit card.

With this exclusive loyalty program, you can benefit from these miles and the only way to earn these miles is to travel more. The more you travel, the more you earn! The privileges attached are totally worth it.

American Airlines is the topmost airline in the world and traveling by AA literally means traveling in style and luxury! We give this one a thumbs up and you should too. Get onboard the next time you are traveling!

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