Apple Watch Series 4 – Quick Review

The Apple Watch Series 4 combines quality with stylish design & lavish Smart watch experience that makes it simply the best in category. The Apple watch series 3 saw this up gradation & Apple has not dwindled from its usual classiness & stylish products in the market.

Let’s give a quick review with final verdict at the end
The Apple Series 4 comes with 40mm & 44mm displays. What more do you want? It’s almost 30% more than the previous generations of the model. The previous versions had at most 5 complications while this all new Series 4 takes it all the way up to 8 complications i.e. even more information than prior. Apple has added an ECG feature by putting an electrode along with an optical sensor and the company is claiming that soon PDF of your ECG can be sent to your doctor in real time.

The battery is sure to last 1 day depending on usage while with GPS on it can be little less of 5 hours battery exhaust time. So it can be a minor disadvantage as there is no key difference in this department. Now the Cellular quality has also seen vast improvements over the past as the Series 4 attaches a microphone under the hood for improved sound quality.

There is still no sleep tracker in the device which can be problematic for some as given the price even Android watches have them. The Apple S4 processor is faster than previous generations thereby make the whole process smooth with faster clicks. A new improvement is made by adding an accelerometer & a gyroscope which is to enable a new feature labeled as Fall Detection. The fitness tracking accuracy is also supposed to increase by decent margins.


The watch works on WatchOS 5 which will bring better features especially more detailing of fitness tracks, Siri will be much better integrated coupled with podcast, competitions with your friends & various new ways open for communication like the Walkie Talkie app. The watch looks pretty stylish no matter which band you choose and your style quotient will definitely raise a bar or 2.

Abstract – It’s been on crest of list & also editor’s choice (pcmag). The smartwatch is iOS compatible & works on watchOS. An Apple S4 processor runs the watch with OLED display. The screen size is 40mmx44mm. The watch vaunts an Accelerometer along with Heart rate monitor& a GPS (you don’t need your device all the time with you). Apple has also assured later update where one can take PDF of his ECG report to show to doctor. The battery life is fine with 18 hrs. & yes it has its separate app store. The watch can also make calls& comes with Silicone, sport loops with Grey, Silver & gold colors.

Final Verdict – The Apple Series 4 watch is a pretty solid option & category leading in the Smartwatch industry with lots of fitness features, premium styling & quality. The only problems are expensive pricing, No sleep tracker & same battery life but the positives are many & the Apple’s brand value coupled with strong build quality makes it a solid choice to buy.

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