Kitchen tools every home cook should have

When it comes to your kitchen, the only thing that matters the most here is the right kitchen tools and equipment. Without them, your kitchen is nothing but merely a space. While the markets are filled with endless kitchen gears, it’s essential that you find the right one for yourselves that are actually useful and required and not bring along some random stuff only to clutter the space. Having the right equipment in your kitchen can make all the difference when you cook. We understand that sometimes all the options available can make you feel overwhelmed and confused but with the right knowledge, you can know what you actually need for your kitchen in order to make cooking more fun and easier.

If you love cooking as much as we do and spend most of your time within the kitchen space, then make sure to read through this article where we have jotted down a list of a few gears you must have in the kitchen.

Chef’s knife

Of course, there can be no kitchen without a knife and just any random knives won’t cut it, you need to have the right one that is both comfortable and balanced. You can count your knife as one of the most important kitchen tools. This tool is used more than any other tool in your kitchen which is why to ensure its effectiveness, it’s important to grab the right one. Pick a chef’s knife that you can easily use with precision and speed, after all, these two are the basic parameters of being a good chef and it will also help you with your knife skills.


Pasta strainer (colander)

This pasta strainer aka colander is again one of the most commonly used kitchen tools, which is found in almost every other household. Straining pasta is not the only job that you can get done from this strainer, there are several other things you can do with this colander. It is a stainless steel tool in a bowl shape with small perforations all around it. It is typically used to strain the pasta, but you can also use it as a scoop to take veggies out from boiling water. It will come to your use in more ways than you can imagine.


Potato ricer

Who doesn’t really love mashed potatoes served along with the dishes? We are assuming that the majority of people love to eat mashed potatoes, and as good as it tastes, preparing them can be quite tricky. Mashed potatoes should feel very soft, creamy, and velvety but it often turns out to be very gooey which doesn’t exactly feel pleasant to eat. Overcooked potatoes can feel very sticky and distasteful which is why you should have a potato ricer in your kitchen where you can cook and mash potatoes to get a lovely texture.


Kitchen tongs

Kitchen tongs is one of the most important gears to have in your kitchen but it is often overlooked for its use. People are not completely aware of this kitchen tool, but it is widely used in restaurants as it makes cooking more convenient. You can use it to flip pan fry foods, turn over the food items in the oven, and sometimes you can also use it to take out the hot pan from the oven. Kitchen tongs come to use in a lot of ways and you can find them in so many great options ranging from different styles to materials.


Y-shaped peeler

No kitchen tools list can officially feel completed without a peeler. This tiny item is a great tool to have in your kitchen. It makes prepping so much faster and cleaner. While a peeler comes in a variety of options, y-shaped peeler is known to work the best among the whole lot. Not only it reduces prep timing but it also helps you achieve clean vegetables that are completely free of blemishes that may otherwise have looked odd in your dish.
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