Best thriller books you can find on Amazon

Today in the world of smartphones and endless tech gadgets, we somehow always find ourselves inclining towards reading books, which we may tell you is an actually great hobby to have and even if not hobby, reading books certainly gives you a sense of containment and always keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s to come next. Endless numbers of books are available in the market, with some of them written by renowned authors and some newcomers. The book genres also greatly vary here and it ranges from romance and thrilling to suspense and motivational and a lot more. While you may have a certain liking towards a particular genre but there is something very different about thrilling books as they keep you gripped, intrigued and entertained always unlike romance stories where things can get pretty predictable and all such books kind of feel the same. But that’s not the kind of thing with thrilling books.

Thrilling books can be incredibly interesting and they can also mess up with you psychologically as you get so much lost in the whole plot that you find yourself reading it all day long. Whether or not you are a thrill lover, the books that we have listed below are sure to get your heart pumping with all the events that place in them.


The woman in the window, a. J. Finn

The woman in the window is the book from where the inspiration for making a movie starring Amy Adams was taken. The story is based on a girl Anna fox who is agoraphobic and resides in New York City. She suddenly starts to take interest in her neighbors’ life and everything was seemed to be going pretty normal until one fine day she saw something violent and that completely terrified her. And that’s the only peak we are going to give you into the storyline and if you ask us, the story seems very thrilling and promising already.


The silent patient, Alex Michaelides

The silent patient also follows a great storyline and the story revolves around a very famous painter who allegedly shot her and after performing the bad deed, she goes completely silent and refuses to utter a single word. This fine book is written by Alex Michaelides who made sure that the book has every bit of thrill to it. And quite surprisingly it does get you hooked within a few seconds of reading it. The story has a very psychological thrill to it which explore the complexity of trauma and the human psyche.


The girl on the train, Paula Hawkins

Another great piece to add to your book collection. The girl on the train is another psychological thriller book that was again taken as an inspiration for the making of a movie. The author of the book Paula Hawkins her sweet time to publish this book and the results were quite astonishing. The book tells about three different perspectives of three different women about troubled relationships and binge drinking. And you have got to read the book before you see the movie and you will have to agree with the fact that the book was far more interesting than the movie and guess what, you are not alone.


In a dark dark wood, Ruth Ware

In a dark dark wood, the book follows a very interesting and gripping plot. The story revolves around a girl who is a writer and gets invited for a trip to the English countryside. And the surprise that awaits there was no less than creepy and terrifying. The weekend trip that was supposed to be fun and enjoyable turned out to be the scariest day of her life. Anyway, what else can you expect from the woods, something is always bound to happen when you’re in the woods, that’s what the movies and books tell always, right?


Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

If you can handle all the scare jumps and goosebumps pretty well, then you should consider checking this book out as it is the perfect example of what a thrilling book should be abount. You have got to read this book if you consider yourself a thrill lover. All the twists and turns and the occurrence of events throughout the storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat. The storyline revolves around a frustrated housewife who fakes her death and the rest is for you to read.

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