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It was then in 1910 when John Blair was first approached by a fellow student in his university to sell raincoats. John Blair strategized the entire process and was able to sell 1200 coats in no time. One thing led to another and that is how eventually Blair came into existence. If there is one thing that we could pinpoint about its success, it would be consistent innovation in making its products available to the customers followed by new era feedback and improvisation. Blair has been a keen seller of classy selections in everything you name. Whether it is women and men apparel in different shapes and sizes, footwear trends prevalent and even household products- Blair has managed to maintain that reputation even after 100 years of its inception.

With over 100 years when the first time this American company came into existence, Blair has managed to build a huge customer base with its constant trending collection as well as top-notch quality in everything. Whenever you are looking forward to buying things online, you are skeptical about whether it would be an apt choice or not. But with Blair, you don’t have to dwell into any further speculations. It is guaranteed that whatever you buy, it will be the most trendy in designing and best in quality.

What will you spot at
An American household brand name, is the best platform for catalog shopping. It offers the best of every world- apparel, shoes, accessories for men and women as well as fashionable edits for decorating your home too. This is definitely a one-stop destination for buying everything you name. You can have your wishlist prepared because Blair will definitely not let you go empty-handed. Blair’s online shopping catalog has had you covered for more than 100 years and is still working hard to make available the best clothing, best house decor as well as furnishings. All the shoppers can count on it for guaranteed quality, price and quick deliveries.

    • With the Women category, you can shop by sorting between apparel tops, dresses, swimwear, fleece, intimates, footwear, and bestsellers. A separate section for petite clothing as well as double sizes is available on the site to help you find the best piece for yourself.

    • With the Men category, you can shop by sorting between bestsellers and other categories like pants, t-shirts, athleisure trends, footwear, formal wear, intimates as well as fleece. A separate section for big and tall sizes has been added to the site for your convenience.

  • With the Household category, you will spot exclusive collection and furnishings in bath, window, kitchen, rugs, sheets, and bedding. All the possible home decor essentials are available here in order to style your home in trendy designs.
  • Furthermore, every aforesaid category has a Special Fit Guide on the side. This Fit guide goes for bedroom fashions, window trends, perfect body fit as well as fleece guide for him and her. Extended sizes up to 3XL and 4xl for women and men respectively can be found on Blair.
  • Another section, Scandia Woods is also a major highlight here. It features all the possible fabrics and clothing designed for your everyday adventure. They are rugged and have been curated to face any kind of rough surroundings.

The clearance sale of is also incredible. They offer a flat rate of shipping despite your location and also go as low as you can think of. The reasonable price range and exceptional customer service have managed to attract a lot of customers and that is why we love it too.

Why shop from

  • VIP Plus Membership- This innovative loyalty programmed at enables the members to have 10% off merchandise orders. It also offers up to $10 in rebates on each shipping. You can also avail discounts while using a gift card.
  • The Blair credit card- Using this card, you can have the opportunity to win rewards as well as birthday coupons. You can use this Blair card conveniently at any other brand from the Blair family. Earn fantastic rewards at other stores like Appleseed’s, Haband, Old Pueblo Traders.

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