Future IT trends that desires attention today

IT sector has been rising today with huge scorers and with it many new techs have been developed who have been reaching good success in the recent times. It is expected that continual rising of tech trends will bring more options in your tech menu for a platter full of smart gadgets. We discuss some top future trends that have the potential to have a grand opening in future. This is beneficial to an individual as knowledge of these trends help us to grow & sustain.

Artificial Intelligence –

As per a recent report by Stanford University by 2030 all US cities will be using AI (Artificial intelligence)tech for safety of public. This AI will have applications in prevention of crimes & as an assistant for court proceedings.

In future when AI becomes more prominent it will have key roles in Smart home, Speech & face recognition for security, Emotions imitation. AI has given some of its branches as Machine, Deep Learning which has become an inseparable part of robotics. This is sure to soon pass to all Future Innovations, helpful for family doctors & for other analysis in different orbs.

Voice & Visual product search – As per yet another IT study, by the year 2021 all leading companies need to introduce a vibrant visual & voice dual search feature on their online sites. AI tech can help them to better understand client’s expectations & interests. Some research analysts in the field have suggested a 30% increase in revenue of trading platforms all thanks to the latest innovations.

Innovative buyer approach –

AI is critical as its applications learn & apply in real time. In other words that means an E-Commerce store can display products in a highly customized manner to an individual as per their behavior online. So the sites can be readjusted in real time just by continuous stream of data. How cool is that?

Logistics Partial/Full Automation –

This is a matter of concern for all big online stores & carriers. If your sale grows for a few %, say from 7% to 21%, it becomes difficult to send & store goods. The flexibility of goods delivery is questioned but not anymore with AI. That also means an increase in demand for modern transport management system as a whole.

Autopilot cars –

It’s a hot trend & Tesla has shown some promising give on this tech. Unmanned cars are on constant rise and as per a report it forecasted that 50% of all cars will have an autopilot ready. Even the insurance companies have started to amend some changes as to how autopilot cars will need them. Uber has also put its hands on Autopilot tests.

Chatbots –

Big companies are showing a tilt towards Chatbots or the automated human mimickers to address common questions from client side. A market of $3.5billion will be there by 2021. According to some tech experts it is only a couple of years until Chatbots enter every communication field.

IoT & LPWA – Wi-Fi are soon to be replaced by much more advanced low power long range networks & internet of things become common. IoT started all the way from 1990 when John Romki created world’s first Internet-connected item, a toaster (a toaster connected with network).

Since then the smart internet connected devices have grown by manifold.

Portable & Versatile Pocket Education – With growing technologies it’s becoming more & more difficult to stay in line with all the updates. So the trend will definitely become an important one in future as educations needs to be as accessible in future & this is reason for growing digital education.

Quick processing of Huge Data – The large data needs to be analyzed since the information is ever increasing so AI is going to play an important role here for sure. The technology will help the masses to quickly curate the data in massive amounts based strictly on consumer behavior.
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