The Best Smart Home Devices To Splurge In

In the present scenario homes are all-equipped with smart devices that make living more convenient, and high-tech. Everything just seems to be done with a command and is voice-controlled, thanks to the innovations in devices. Whether you want to switch off the lights, fans, or turn on your A/C, ask about today’s weather or want to make a call, all can be achieved just sitting at your couch and without putting in much effort, isn’t that great. These technological innovations have taken over manpower, reducing manpower-intensive tasks. Smart home gadgets make our everyday chores automated and faster so why should we not make our homes a smart one.

With fancy interiors, houses are also in-built with the latest technology these days making the house beautiful and smart. So, if you’re thinking of revamping your usual house into a smart one and are looking for the best smart devices to invest in, well, then you’ve clicked on the right feed. We know with so many overwhelming varieties of smart devices, making a choice becomes quite perpetual. Here, we have listed a few best smart devices that will enhance the quality of your living and amp up your home processes so that you can balance your work-home life efficiently.

Amazon Alexa

For you’ve been knowing Alexa in the form of eco-speaker with voice interactions such as Alexa, what’s the weather outside? But this more than 20, 000 third-party integrated smart device is clearly the smartest home ecosystem available in the market and is programmed to do much more than asking about the weather and voice interactions. The Alexa is in-built with pretty good features including playing music, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, making your to-do list, and controlling several other smart devices and apps. All of amazing features clearly makes it a star home device.

Wink Hub 2

If you’re looking for a fully-equipped smart home with kitchen, appliances, and walls all synced-together to one smart device, this is your buy. Known to be the first smart home device designed for the mainstream consumers, Wink Hub 2 provides you a world-class experience. Sleek design, great portable support, and enhanced security features make Wink Hub 2 a great steal.

The key features of Wink Hub 2 are

  • Improved connectivity-with new Ethernet port and powerful Wi-Fi that supports 5 GHz.
  • Improved Bluetooth LE radio, Lutron ClearConnect, Z-Wave, and much more.
  • Can be controlled through phone- all you have to do is, download the Wink App and operate your home through your phone.

Google Assistant

If there is one perfect substitute to Alexa, this is it. The Google’s search engine space makes it a great runner-up to Alexa as it can reply all the questions, and complete all the commands that Alexa can’t. It understands the voice so better that it’s often deemed as a much better grab than Alexa. If you didn’t like any song it can replace the song on Spotify. Google Assistant can be integrated to all the major brands including Philips, Belkin, Nest, Spotify, Uber, and much more.

Ecobee 4

The Ecobee 4 is all equipped with smart thermostats that also include Amazon Alexa support. The device has pretty good features with in-built speaker and mic that embeds with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. When you think to sync your home with smart thermostats, Ecobee 4 is the first choice and thanks to all the striking features it has. The Ecobee is known to be a great temperature controller and comes with remote sensors that can measure the temperature, humidity level, and much more. With easy to use sensors Ecobee 4 is a great addition to your smart home.

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